mandag 27. desember 2010


Christmas times

I år har vi virkelig ett vidunderlig vinterlandskap til jul. Kaldt, snø og kritthvitt. Hundene stortrives, mens kattene nok heller ser frem til våren når løpegårdene igjen er grønne.

Julemus har jeg også iår, og den beste musefangeren i huset har Denali vist seg å være. Flink jente!

Det har blitt litt vel mye god mat og godsaker også denne julen. Man føler jo nærmest at man vralter på tur med hundene, men juletiden er helt klart min favorittid på året. Jeg elsker varmen fra vedovnen, lukten av gran og kongerøkelse, pepperkaker og julemiddager og tid med foreldrene, søstra mi og hennes mann.  Julegavene er selvsagt også ett høydepunkt og iår har de overgått alt! Jeg ser frem til å ta de i bruk.

Denali og Esky på vintertur / Denali and Esky on a winter walk

This year I have a true winter wonderland for Christmas. Cold, snow and pure white. I love it, and so do the dogs. The cats however look more forward to spring and green cat runs.
This year I have some Christmas mice in the house. The best mousecatcher has proven to be Denali. Good girl!
As for food and goodies, it has been too much of it as usual and I feel like I wobble when walking the dogs. However Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the warmth fom a wood stove, the smell of a spruce and the incense, gingerbred and the food, and time with my parents, my sister and her husband. The Christmas gifts are of course another highlight. And this year they have surpassed everything. I truly look forward to start using them.

søndag 5. desember 2010

hjem kjære, kalde hjem!

home sweet, cold home!

Kom hjem til ett heller kaldt hus idag etter å ha tilbragt ca. 2 døgn på Rjukan i min farfars begravelse. Heldigvis har jeg mye ved og ovnen har knitret og spraket i hele kveld. Nå er det langt mer behangelig innetemperatur.

Arrived home to a rather cold house today after spending around 2 days at Rjukan for my father's father funural. Luckilly I have firewood and the oven has been crackling and popping all night. Now the indoor temperatures are a lot more comfortable.

søndag 28. november 2010

a doggy weekend part 2

Yesterday the Nordic Winner Show was at Dogs4All in Lillestrøm. It continued today, but for my part it was enough to be there for group 5 and the Siberian Huskies.

My Denali was entered in the Junior class. The judge found her to have a nice head but not much else and she ended with a 1st prize Junior Class and number 4 of 4 Junior bitches.  Most of the dogs entered were from Sweden, many from Kennel Bedarra (owned and/or bred by them). And there was no suprise two of their dogs got the BOB and BOS.

Bedarra Hottie Bom Bottie, BOB

Bedarra Bad Like My Dad, BOS

Denali behaved really well, and to me she of course is a very beautiful dog. Someone was kind enough to take a couple of photos of Denali in the ring for me.

 A couple of workingline Siberians were entered too, this female is a lovely Siberian Husky in my oppinion.

Nay-La-Chee's Topok Tvilling

another Norwegian show line Siberian was entered too, owned and bred by Carillo Kennel
JWW Carillo Sing A Long, 3rd best bitch out of 11

In addition to the show there was a lot of vendors and breed clubs at Dogs4All. Denali and me participated in the breed parade together with several other Siberian Huskies of working lines. Two pulled a three wheel cart. Not sure if anybody has pictures of this.

The Norwegian Siberian Husky Club had a stand as well, and I visited it of course. I met some really nice people that I've only seen the name of before. It was nice to meet you all.
a snapshot from NSHK stand and one of the dogs there

fredag 26. november 2010

a doggy weekend part 1

By all accounts my weekend starts after work Friday evening the weekends I don't work. And this weekend is one about dogs. In a way all week has been very dog focused.

Monday evening I was at an evening seminar by Anders Hallgren. He was a a great entertainer as well as a good teacher in "dog psychology", or should I say dog owner psychology? As it is usually (always?) about the owners and not the dogs themselves. I learnt some new stuff and if he returns next fall, I'll sign up for sure!
Anders Hallgren, explaining about "crazy" dogs, photo by Karin Diana Auld

Yesterday I go the skis to my kicksled and this evening I put them on (photo will follow), and of course I had to take the dogs for a trial run. It was great fun. Even though the dogs were at times a bit puzzled as to what I wanted them to do. At other times they'd rather smell the ditch and mess around than pull. Near the end I tried it on a field. That was excellent!  Unfortunatly my two dogs are a bit too different for an even run. Esky is he older and more clever one. He knows his "calm", "stay", "left" and "right" and listens (most of the time). He is a very strong dog, but a bit slow in his old age. Denali is the energy. She's fast. But doesn't really know left from right and is a bit all over the place. But all this doesn't matter. It is still great fun to take them on a trip with the kicksled!

Denali has now gotten some of her excess energy out, has had a shower and her dinner and is resting in her bed for a while. Early morning we are going to drive to a BIG dog show. It's going to be great fun. I don't expect anything from Denali, and will be happy with her as long as she behaves.

part two will follow

søndag 14. november 2010

Hundeutstilling på Kongsberg / Dog show in Kongsberg

I dag var Denali på utstilling i Kongsberg. Det gikk kjempebra! Det var to andre Siberian Huskier på utstillingen, en annen junior tispe og en junior hann.

Det er ingen hemmelighet at både jeg og Denali fortsatt har mye igjen å lære om utstillinger og handling. Men alt i alt synes jeg vi begge har blitt ganske OK på en så begrenset tid.

Dommeren var norske Svein Bjarne Helgesen, han kom også med noen råd og tips. Takker så mye for dette!

Denali's resultater ble: 1JK, CK, 1JKK, 1BTK, Cert, BIR og til min store overraskelse 3 BIG!

Today Denali was entered in a dog show in Kongsbert. She did extremly well! Two other Siberian Huskies was present, another junior bitch and a junior dog.

It isn't a secret that both me and Denali need more show training, but in total I think we do OK for our limited experience.

The judge was Svein Bjarne Helgesen from Norway. He also shared some advice and pointers on how to show Denali even better. Thank you so much for this!

Denali's results today was: 1st Junior class, Certificate Quality, 1st Junior Competiton Class, Best bitch, Certificate, BOB, and to my great surprise 3rd best in group!

onsdag 20. oktober 2010

Denali i fokus

18. oktober var en fin høstdag og vi tok oss en god tur i skogen som er rett på utsiden av døra mi. Esky var selvagt også med, men denne dagen var det Denali som var fotoobjektet. Turen gikk til Hjønntveittjern, et vakkert skogstjern.

October 18th was a wonderful autum day and  we took a good, long, hike in the woods starting so to speak on my doorstep. Esky was there as well of course, but this day Denali was the object I wanted to photograph. The hike went to Hjønntveittjern, a beautiful pond.

til slutt en liten sammenligning. Denali 18.oktober 2009 og 18. oktober 2010

a little comparison at the end. Denali October 18th 2009 and October 18th 2010

fredag 3. september 2010

Valsfjell rundt / around Valsfjell

 Esky og Denali på Søndre Valsfjell / Esky and Denali on Southern Valsfjell

Mandag 30. August gikk jeg Valsfjell rundt. Jeg var oppe på begge toppene, Nordre og Søndre Valsfjell. Deretter gikk jeg rundt nordsiden av fjellet. Totalt 8,5 km i følge Telemark turistforening som vedlikeholder stien. Jeg synes det var en flott tur, men den var tung for både meg og min gamle hund Esky fra tid til annen. Denali hadde mer enn nok av energi.

Monday the 30th of August I went on a walk around Valsfjell. I climbed two peaks, Northern and Southern Valsfjell, and then went around the northside of the mountain. A total lenght of 8.5 km acording to those who maintains the path. I enjoyed the trip, but it was a trial for both me and my old dog Esky from time to time. Denali had energy to spare.

Denali full av energi! / Denali a ton of energy!

Esky ved et utkikkspunkt ved stien / Esky at a viewpoint by the path

Nordre Valsfjell / Northern Valsfjell

Søndre Valsfjell / Southern Valsfjell



søndag 29. august 2010

Denalis utstilling debut

Lørdag 28. august var Denalis show debut. Dommer var August de Wilde fra Belgia. I sommerpels og uten mye showtrening så gikk utstillingen over all forventing.

Resultat: 1JK, 1JKK, HP, BIR Junior

Saturday August 28th was the show debut for my Denali. The judge was Agust de Wilde from Belgium. In her summer coat and without much show training the show went a lot better than I thought it would.

Result: 1st price Junior Class, 1st price Junior Competition Class, Honorary Price, Best in breed Junior

tirsdag 20. juli 2010


16.-17. juli var jeg på en kort tur til familiehytta, og hundene var selvsagt med

July 16th - 17th I was on a short trip to the familly summerhouse, and of course I brought the dogs with me.


Å leke på stranda er moro!
Playing on the beach is fun!

Denali etter ett uplanlagt bad i havet...
Denali after a dip in the sea she didn't plan for...

lørdag 13. februar 2010

Denali's first ski trip

Today, Denali saw a harness and skis for the first time in her life. As always she was unafraid and took on the challenge with no problems. She and Esky still need to figure out how to cooperate and pull in the same direction, but it was a good first trip.

When they get more experienced I will ski through the forest to the skitrack instead of walking carrying my skis. But right now I think a forest trip with skis and two dogs would end up being a mess of dogs, harnesses, leash, skis, poles, twigs and a tree...

Here is a short video from our trip today. Slow going right then as I had to hold my cell phone filming with one hand and the ski poles in the other.

onsdag 6. januar 2010


Bloggens første innlegg.

En kort presentasjon av hundene.
Klarelvens Esky Endurance, "Esky", hann av workinglinjer
født. 20. april 1999
Sable og hvit med 2 brune øyne

Hightower's A Dream Comes True, "Denali", hunn av showlinjer
født: 10. juli 2009
svart og hvit med 2 brune øyne

Bildene er tatt 2. januar 2010 og lyset var begynt å bli noe dårlig. Esky og Denali hadde det moro i lek. Denali løp løs, mens Esky er i løpestreng (da han hellers hadde løpt litt lengre enn jeg ønsker).