a new German in the house

Freke in Germany the day I went to pick him up

The 27th of February 2011 I went for a second time to Kennel Hightower's in Germany to bring home a new familly member. This time a little grey boy from the top winning bitch Hightower's See Here is Little Frosty aka Sidona, and his father being a top winning dog from Sweden. Owned, loved and bred by Wolfmark Kennel; Wolfmark Double O Seven aka Cisco.  I have hopes for the little one both in the show ring and of course as a companion for many years to come. His name is Hightower's Freke Winter Spirit, Freke for short.

Mother Sidona and three of her puppies
Hightower's Kennel has some really nice, big, dog yards for all their dogs and puppies. Below are some more photos from my 2nd visit.

This is Freke's only brother: Hightower's Fire Shadows in the Snow

Hightower's Fenya, the black odd-eyed sister

Freke on top of one of his sisters in play

Freke and two of his sisters

One of the grey sisters

This grey sister is Hightower's Flight of Fancy, she has moved to Russia

Freke is getting a good-bye bite from two sisters

This is grand-dad Siro who lived with the puppies, their mother and "aunt" Tirsa

After arriving in Norway, a completely new scene met Freke, snow, lots of snow! 70 cm of it at that time. But as any true Siberian Husky he loved to play in the snow!


Freke and Denali
Freke 10 weeks old and Esky 12 years old